Westcom Networks can provide you with a network security solution to meet your whole organisations needs.  From firewalls at the edge, to software on the client preventing the installation of third party hardware or software by your users.

We take a consultative approach to security to help understand what it is you need to achieve – including remote access via VPN, web applications and off site backup.  We also offer advice on best practice to ensure that your network remains safe from the outside and the inside.

We understand the nature of the threat businesses face and can offer scanning, remediation and advice.

Penetration Testing is consistently proven to be the most effective way of identifying vulnerabilities and risk to your cyber security Certified experts will perform controlled, simulated attacks against your company using real world hacking techniques to discover weaknesses in your systems

“In 2021 80% of breaches were conducted by Organised Crime Groups (OCG’s). It is documented that 29% of companies impacted by ransomware attacks were forced to make large scale redundancies.”

Every weakness found in your systems is meticulously documented and quickly relayed to your team Technical remediation advice and reproduction steps allow you to rapidly and effectively reduce your risk.

External security assessments focus on the security of your public facing and internet accessible systems and services These systems present access points into your internal network. Ensuring their protection from the latest threats is critically important to overall organisational security

The work doesn’t end when the findings are delivered Direct access to Westcom technical advice before, during and after each test is a core part of our service.

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Featured Case Study

PDR Construction

The challenge

As an expanding construction firm covering the whole of the UK, PDR require rapid resolution to IT issues for both personnel based at the head office in Hull plus at site offices all over the country.

What we did

Westcom has been proud to have supported all PDR Constructions IT and telephony requirements for over 10 years.  During that time, we have overseen a full migration of all email and messaging from on-site Exchange Servers to Office 365 and a virtually paperless office with web based project management software.

Using both helpdesk and remote access technologies with site visits when necessary, Westcom have worked with PDR Construction over many years to provide an IT system which ‘just works’.  The increasing reliance on technology has meant that all site managers need access to smartphones and laptops in order to keep in touch with head office.  The use of Microsoft Office 365 has made this adoption relatively simple and friction-free.

A recent installation of an IP Cortex telephone system, freed the business from a costly digital phone system which was complex and expensive to manage and maintain with limited numbers of handsets which could be deployed. By moving to an IP based system, handsets can be placed virtually anywhere.  Moving on from that, a comprehensive video conferencing solution is in the process of being installed to keep PDR connected.

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