With Office 365 Microsoft have created what we believe is the number one cloud platform for business.

Access to email and key Office applications is critical to virtually every business and that’s what Office 365 provides, without the fuss, cost, complexity and upgrade cycle associated with running on premise serves.

Nominated as a Cloud Champion by Microsoft, Westcom has migrated thousands of mailboxes to the cloud for businesses and schools.  However on top of the managed email service, customers apricate the flexibility which Office 365 Business Premium provides to install the familiar Office suite on up to five computers per user, allowing laptops and desktops to all be used to access work no matter where people are.

What is Office 365

Dynamic billing

With monthly and annual billing available, the service caters for the most dynamic of businesses where user numbers can grow and shrink over the course of the year.

A great choice for academia

In schools, Westcom has extensive experience of using Office 365 to help staff and students alike get maximum value from the wide range of services targeted specifically at academia, including the ability for staff and students to get a free licence for Microsoft Office to use at home.

Westcom, a fully accredited supplier

In addition, Westcom is a fully accredited supplier of academic Microsoft licencing and as such can provide Open Value Subscriptions and renewals at highly competitive rates.

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