Westcom Networks provides full telephone system functionality without the need to buy, support and run an on premise telephone system.  If your business is working out how to better support home working on a longer term basis,  then look no further than a secure, cost effective, hosted telephone system.

Who Needs Hosted Telephony?

  • Hosted telephony, or ‘cloud telephony’ is ideal for the business who would sooner have predictable monthly costs rather than a capex heavy purchase of a phone system;
  • Anyone looking to support home workers;
  • The business with a number of remote offices or staff who is looking to reduce the burden of needing to manage and support a telephone system on each site;
  • Start up businesses who need flexibility in terms of work location;


Moving your business to a cloud managed phone system provides you with the most flexible system possible, with full disaster recovery built in.  You’ll get free calls between remote offices and home based staff, freedom from support contracts for on premise systems and the ability to place extensions at any internet connected location.  Phone calls can even be made using your laptop or tablet with a headset attached.


Pricing starts from just £6 per user per month,  or £10 per user per month with a call bundle meaning that most UK mobile and fixed line calls are included.  Voicemail is included as standard and features like menu prompts (IVR’s) and call recording are available too.  Westcom can provide telephone handsets, however very often existing IP telephone can be re-used which further reduces the cost of implementation.

Westcom Experience

Since 2015 Westcom has provided a hosted telephony solution for Inverclyde Leisure across all of their centres.  Allowing for central management of calls coming into the organisation for bookings and enquiries, a hosted system reduced the running cost of having multiple phone systems under support and allows for the most flexible call handing.  If one centre is closed for example, it’s trivial to re-route calls.  All calls between centres are also free of charge.

Featured Case Study


Award winning commercial legal firm selects high availability ipcortex VoIP solution to deliver flexibility, functionality and resilience

The challenge

Shulmans previous phone system supported a mix of analogue, digital and IP lines, and was not even using basic facilities like voicemail and caller display.

The system also had numerous different handsets and was extremely unreliable, as IT Manager Ross MacIntyre explains:

Every two or three weeks we’d have an issue that needed fixing, so it was a real pain. We were using a third party supplier for support, but even though we paid a maintenance fee they were always trying to sell us extra things to fix issues! Having all the different lines and handsets was also a concern, as every time someone moved we had to physically re-patch a phone in, so it was a bit of a nightmare. It was obvious that we needed to change as the functionality was severely lacking, and I knew from previous experience and from research that there was so much more we could get out of a new phone system.

What we did

A full RFP process was carried out, but Ross also spoke to contacts at Westcom Networks, which supplies Shulmans’ firewall solution, who suggested that he consider including ipcortex in the process.

The new solution has 115 extensions and uses Polycom IP450 handsets with HD Voice. Most notably, it actually uses two VoIPCortex Pro IP PBXs which are set up in a high availability configuration.
Ross and the team started setting up the new handsets the week before the switch-over, as well as holding awareness sessions in the boardroom.

People were using old system until 6pm on the Friday, then we swapped everything over at the weekend and when people came in on the Monday they were on the new system. It was great, it just worked and was completely seamless. The user base saw the leap forward we’ve made with all the new functionality and they were suitably impressed – there was certainly appetite for it within the business.

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