For three decades ESET have been protecting computers from digital attack.  Relatively unknown in the UK when Westcom started working with them in 2004, ESET has grown to become a significant player in the worldwide market for security products active in more than 200 countries and territories.

As well as the anti-virus product for which they are most famous, ESET more recently introduced cost effective encryption software to enable encryption of emails, USB memory sticks and even entire laptops.  With GDRP placing a heavier demand than ever before on organisations to protect sensitive data, the use of encryption is virtually mandatory for compliance.

Efficient streamlined deployment

Customers tell us that they keep renewing their ESET subscriptions because the software quite simply ‘does its job’ efficiently in the background.  Something which cannot be said of all solutions which pop up messages about everything which they have blocked and prompt for user input continuously.  ESET offers an excellent suite of management tools to streamline the deployment and use of the product.

Increased confidence in data security

Most recently with GDPR compliance, the use of ESET for disk encryption has allowed customers the confidence that their data is secure whilst laptops and USB sticks are out the office, at their most vulnerable.

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