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The Challenge

The school recognised the shorter and longer term demand for WiFi, as secure access to learning resources and the Internet was required.

The school had decided to implement a BYOD strategy and  realised that virtualisation was the key to the scalability, security and high availability required to support it. The school has an excellent IT department and they wanted a solution that was self-hosted and self-managed.

The Westcom Solution

Westcom Networks is  a leading ADTRAN Bluesocket partner, with staff trained and certified to the highest level. Westcom Networks recommended that the school migrate to ADTRAN’s Virtual Wireless LAN (vWLAN) solution with Bluesocket 802.11n access points. A successful trial resulted in the deployment of vWLAN, with around 50 access points and the school has not looked back since.


The school has implemented a WiFi solution that is ready now to meet the challenges of the present and the future, without forklift upgrades to the WiFi control system. Being software based, it is a simple case of upgrading to the latest version, when the school sees the need. Security was improved by implementing stateful firewalling on each access point and the school’s  campus wide WiFi and Guest Access BYOD aspirations became a reality.

New technologies like 802.11ac can be deployed in the network where it makes sense. The school is also considering Mobile Device Management and education applications from ADTRAN partners.

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