SSL certificates are the key to identity and security on-line.  Westcom works with GlobalSign over other providers due to their long history of providing trusted certificates to some of the leading web sites on the internet.

Knowing that their certificates will work with any application gives our customers the confidence that their applications, sites, code and email will be trusted.

Hassle-free certificate management

From basic domain validated certificates to organisational and wildcard, Westcom can not only provide the certificate itself, but also support in getting it generated, approved and then installed on the target device, and end-to-end service.  We will assist as far as required to get the certificate successfully installed and running on your server or appliance.

A proactive service, keeping you secure

Westcom is proactive when it comes to certificate renewals to avoid your site of service flagging up errors in a customers browser simply because a certificate has been allowed to expire.

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