The Challenge

Zorba Delicacies were conducting a large scale factory and warehouse automation project.  This required a higher speed network infrastructure, Wi-Fi connectivity throughout, a new IP based telephone system and additional network capacity for new devices.

Westcom was approached as an existing IT partner to provide a proposal to create the foundation for the automation project to be successful.

The Westcom Solution

Westcom has worked with Gary Holliday, the Group IT Manager for over 10 years and was delighted submit a proposal.  Our design included the upgrade of fibre links between buildings, installation of new switch stacks, implementation of BlueSocket vWLAN WiFi and an IP Cortex telephone system.  Specific site challenges included the use of IP rated protective enclosures for wireless access points in the factory, many of which have to be hosed down at regular intervals as part of the rigorous cleaning schedule.

With gigabit switch stacks in place in each building and network cabinets tided, the network now supports higher speed connections to PC’s and access points with the flexibility to place IP telephones virtually anywhere.  Wi-Fi connectivity now allows handheld computers with scanners to be operated and improve efficiency in the factory and better track the movement of product.  In addition, the Bluesocket vWLAN has been leveraged to provide staff and guest access in the offices which delivers much greater mobility and flexibility for staff.

With the work needing to be done with the least amount of disruption to what is a 24/7 operation,  Westcom took down links between buildings overnight whilst the offices were closed and without impact to the factory.  Switch stacks were also upgraded out of hours with very limited impact to services such as CCTV.  With careful planning the project was completed on time and in budget, with staff in the offices able to work first thing in the morning on the new network with zero interruption.

Nick White



With this refresh,  Zorba has not only achieved what they needed to in respect of sucessfully delivering the automation project, but also come in-line with other companies within the group who were running IP Cortex telephony installed by Westcom.

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