The network security range of products provided by Stormshield are certified at the highest level and provide cutting edge security (EU RESTRICTED, NATO, ANSSI EAL3+/EAL4+).

As a wholly owned subsidiary of Airbus CyberSecurity security is something which is deeply engrained within the organisation.

But why does that matter to you?  Using Stormshield products you can count on the highest form of protection from external attack.  If you think of your current security router as being a door through which data passes, consider the Stormshield as a pair of bouncers on that door – checking the credentials of everything which passes through.  It’s supercharged security!

Cost-effecting simplified protection

Customers appreciate the security which the product provides, but also the simplicity in the delivery of the protection.  For mission critical applications, units can be paired up to provide fault tolerance without the need for additional expensive and complex licences.

The clean interface allows for ongoing configuration and management of the system along with extensive reporting on exactly what’s happening on your network.

GDPR compliance

With all businesses needing to consider the implication of GDPR, better secure your data and internet connection with a Stormshield unit as your gateway.

Many companies are still using traditional firewall products which don’t include intrusion protection (IPS) and rely on older protocols like PPTP for remote access.  Stormshield provide deep packet inspection of all traffic passing over it, including VPN connections, to ensure that all traffic is checked.

Extensive experience

Westcom are the longest standing UK partner of Stormshield firewall products and have carried out installations over the past 12 years across the country and into the US and Canada.

A wide product range suitable for all applications

The range of products provides a hassle-free way of organisations putting in place the security they need whilst making it simple to manage.  A web based, object oriented interface makes ongoing configuration simple.  Stormshield have devices ranging from those suitable for the home office, right up the largest of enterprise, government body or academic campus.

Sue Spencer

In-School Network Manager

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