BlueSocket has been active in the WiFi space for over 15 years.  Westcom has been their principle UK partner for over 10 of those years.

Our extensive experience of the product has enabled us to successfully deploy high density WiFi at locations as diverse as Premier League Football Clubs to hospitals.  We are experts in the deployment and ongoing management of successful WiFi networks with a strong track record.  Warehouses, offices, sports stadia, conference centres and schools are all examples of projects Westcom has undertaken in recent years.

The benefit of distributed WiFi networking.

Exceptional scalability

BlueSocket customers like the product because it scales so well.  A single virtual controller is available free of charge and can support thousands of access points and even more users.  A licence free model means that the cost of expansion is just that of the access point hardware itself.  Expand without expensive controller upgrades.

Latest wireless technologies

Access points are available supporting the latest wireless technologies up to and including 802.11ac Wave 2.  Westcom has the experience necessary to make WiFi work in challenging environments and high-density situations when traditional solutions can quickly deliver poor results.

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Featured Case Study

Edinburgh International Conference Centre

The challenge

The Edinburgh International Conference Centre (EICC) had outgrown its legacy hardware controller-based WLAN which supported a limited number of 802.11n wireless access points. With the need to support 802.11ac data rates, greater density of devices and the increasing demand for Wi-Fi access, the EICC required a highly scalable, reliable solution which could support its high profile events and its commitment to sustainability.

With Wi-Fi being the primary method of connectivity and events becoming more app driven, higher speed, higher density Wi-Fi was critical.  As a facilitator for this, an upgrade to a 10Gbps core network upgrade took place with resilient fibre links to each remote cabinet.

What we did

The EICC deployed ADTRAN’s Bluesocket virtual Wireless LAN (vWLAN) solution with Bluesocket BSAP-3040 802.11ac Wave 2 access points. vWLAN’s optional high availability software was also deployed to create a fault tolerant Wi-Fi environment to keep delegates connected.

ADTRAN’s Bluesocket vWLAN solution enabled the EICC to easily move to a 802.11ac Wave 2 WLAN solution whist avoiding the traditional costs and constraints related to traditional hardware based Wi-Fi controllers.  By leveraging the new 10Gbps network infrastructure and upgraded internet connections, the full potential of the Bluesocket 802.11ac Wave 2 access points can be realised by delegates travelling to Edinburgh from across the world, needing the Wi-Fi to keep in touch with business and family.

By using the Bluesocket virtual infrastructure, the EICC benefits from greater scalability, a reduced total cost of ownership, increased capacity and integrated guest access services to support its various events. vWLAN in a high availability configuration provided the EICC with seamless failover with zero packetloss – ensuring user connectivity and satisfaction. vWLAN can effortlessly support in excess of 5,000 concurrent users while also supporting EICC’s sustainability strategy.

With wireless security a constant concern, vWLAN leads the way with a secure 802.11ac solution that takes advantage of intelligent access points to enforce security policies at the edge. A full stateful firewall is configured and managed centrally but the policy is enforced at the access point to ensure that any unwanted traffic never enters the network.


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