Microsoft Office 365 includes a powerful feature allowing companies to automatically encrypt email prior to sending.  Users with 365 E3 or E5 plans have the feature available as standard,  anyone with Business Premium, Business Essentials or Exchange On-Line can purchase an add-on.

Protect Sensitive Data

Unintentionally sending out sensitive email to the wrong recipient is a real business risk.  Enhance your security by encrypting email without the need for either sender or recipient to jump through hoops or installing third party software.

Automatic Encryption

Administrators are able to create policies within Office 365 which will automatically encrypt emails to a specific recipient domain, or all emails with attachments or just those with a specific key word included in the subject line.  Making security simple is the key to adoption.

Make Compliance Simple

Encrypted email can be sent from Outlook on the desktop, on the web and even from mobile devices.  No additional software needs to be deployed or managed.  Administrators retain control via policies which simplify management of the encryption.

Policies can also be added which prevent emails from being forwarded on to a third party, or having the encryption removed further securing the confidentiality of data.  This is in addition to features within Office 365 which allow documents to ‘expire’ after a pre-set time meaning that you retain control.

Getting Your Emails Encrypted

Speak with Westcom to find out if your current Office 365 licencing includes email encryption.  We can assist with configuration and provide staff with the training information they need to ensure that it’s used correctly.  Where encryption isn’t included as standard, we can provide upgrade options for either all users or just those who need it.

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