In recent weeks Westcom has been providing some training to clients on the subject of email security.  Only last year we were called in to help with a business who had just lost £40,000 to an email fraudster who targeted a member of staff in a medium sized companies accounts department.  The fraudster knew their target, the name of the CFO and was convincing enough to make off with a considerable amount of money.

We have helped companies with information security training and the creation of policies which are designed to tackle this type of risk with steps as simple as documented second factor authentication for money transfers.  This type of attack is too important to ignore as companies of all sizes can be targeted.  Whilst some can recover from a loss of £40,000,  such a value could be terminal for some businesses.

This subject recently appeared on the BBC News site highlighted some very high profile losses.  The time to act on this and get policies in place is now,  contact Westcom Networks for help in this area.

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