Never has is been more important to pick good passwords – and use two factor authentication where it is possible to do so.

We’ve been working a client to help implement a policy of enforcing 12 character passwords which never expire.  The need to change passwords on a regular basis has been part of our digital lives for quite some time now,  but does it actually help?  As we’ve told customers for some years now, “no”, provided you have a strong password in the first place.  Now UK and US Government advice backs that view up.   This article questioning the need to make regular password changes from the American FCC makes for very interesting reading.

If however you’re going to use 12 character passwords,  how will you remember it?  #36m7Pw$Vxsz scores well on the password strength meter,  but is not going to be easy to commit to memory.   We’ve often advised customers to string together three memorable works with some punctuation – for example Yellow!Bike!House – long, strong and easy to remember.  This page however goes even further suggesting some great ways to generate a secure password.

Test a few our here .  Maybe not the one you finally choose though!

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