Whilst certainly not the worst we have worked on,  the before and after pictures below show how a simple tidy up of a network cabinet can make working on equipment and troubleshooting issues so much easier.

Colour coding patch leads based on their function (data, voice, uplinks, stacking etc…) makes for at-a-glance identification when it comes to carrying out work.  Using the right length cables also keep the cabinet tidy.

The example below was a cabinet in a busy warehouse.  Before a relatively quick tidy equipment was powered by trailing 4-gang extensions, patch leads prevented the door from closing and as a result equipment was dusty with one switch having failed.

By replacing cables and routing them to the sides, equipment can be seen and more easily worked on.  Power is now provided by a suitable UPS which provides battery backup and means only one cable needs to exit the cabinet to the wall socket.  The door can be secured and the cabinet is in an altogether situation.

Whilst our brief on site wasn’t explicitly to tidy the area, by doing so we made the job we were there to do much easier not to mention future works.  It also keep the customer happy!

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