Keeping Home Workers Connected

Given how many people are now finding working from home to be their new normal, companies are started to look at their telephone systems.  When we all made the move in March 2020 from the office to home, many found themselves setting up diverts on desk phones to mobiles or home numbers, at some expense.  This also has the downside of outbound calls not ‘showing’ as coming from your main corporate number.

Is there a better way?

Of course!  In place of buying and supporting a large and complex telephone system in your office, why not look at a hosted – or cloud based telephone system?  Reduce cost and boost mobility / functionality.  Just like many have with Office 365, remove that complex infrastructure and replace it with simple, low monthly per user costs which provides a phone which will work at virtually any internet connected location.  No more annual maintenance fees or downtime associated with hardware failure.

Behind the scenes your calls are processed in a secure fashion and delivered directly to the handset.  No large set-up costs,  no capex investment in a phone system, but retain features like voicemail, menu prompts and even call recording if you need it.

How to make the move

Westcom has been a provider of cloud based telephony for some years now.  However in recent months we’ve seen a huge uptake.  We handle the porting of your numbers, configuration of the cloud based system and setting up of phones – making the whole process as simple and free of disruption as possible.

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