As we’re less than a month away from GDPR, one of the unknowns is how the regulations will actually affect the consumer.  As Westcom continues to work with customers to address policies and increase general security with products like ESET DES Lock encryption and Stormshield IPS firewalls we find ourselves wondering how the world will look on the 25th May.

One possibility is that we start seeing a industry appearing offering consumers the ability to seek collective redress in the event of a breach or if their requests to opt out from marketing are no honoured.  Will the text messages and phone calls offering us the ability to reclaim PPI move to become offers to seek compensation for data being used without consent?

It’s advisable to use the next month to revise and check privacy policies, ensure that opt-outs on emails and honoured and cleanse any marketing databases.  Services like Mailchip offer excellent double opt in compliance.  Look into schemes like the UK Governments Cyber Essentials which is self certified and offers a good bench mark for where your business should be.  Speak with Westcom for advice on the IT security side of your network.

Finally, avoid a breach in the first place by making sure that your firewalls are not only suitable, but correctly configured.  Contact us today for more information.

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