GlobalSign Personal Certificates


GlobalSign offers a range of PersonalSign (Digital IDs issued to people or departments) with varying trust levels. Digital IDs can be used for a number of secure communications functions, including; secure email (S/MIME), authentication to online services and add digital signatures to Microsoft Office and other electronic documents to protect the document’s integrity and provide assurances of authorship to recipients.

  • Secure Email - Protect your email identity and email contents from prying eyes and phishing attacks on your email address. Digitally Sign an email to assure its origin. Encrypt an email for confidentiality.
  • Microsoft Office Document Signing - Add digital signatures to Microsoft Office documents, such as Word, Excel and PowerPoint. A digitally signed document confirms authorship and origin and alerts recipients to any unauthorised changes.
  • Authentication - Securely authenticate to an online service via the inbuilt SSL VPN capabilities of your browser.
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